Thursday, June 05, 2008


So today I've just been going through stuff... if you know me much at all, you know that when people close to me hurt, I hurt with's hard for me to not feel pain of my friends or family. I can't give you details, but would ask for your prayer. Strength, courage & humble honesty is what I need right now. Also, for the others involved who need peace, wisdom & faith beyond understanding. I was reminded tonight of my favorite Bible passage...Romans 12:9-12 which starts off with "Love must be sincere."


even typing that makes me go blank. Am I sincere in my love? How does that play out in my life? Who do I need to love more? How is God using me? Am I honest in my love for God & where am I in my journey with Him? "Love must be sincere."

wow....can we say that when we think of how we treat our brothers? neighbors? friends? our bosses? our co-workers? the people we see on the street? in the check out line? "Love must be sincere."

Do everything in Love.....sincerely & with a pure heart. only by the grace of God can this be done.....only by his Mercy can we be freed of the bondage that looks to hold us back from loving others unconditionally, from loving God as much as we should....He's freed us & because of His love, we love. I'm praying for your love & hope you'll pray for mine.

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