Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fish markets!

My future home.

This is looking north on my avenue. Hello Brooklyn!


This past weekend I attended a Short Term Missions Leaders' Conference in Bloomington, MN. It was put on by Stem Intl. and had workshops on how to maximize different aspects of your STM teams. I learned so much, and it made me en-thus-ed for New York in a whole new way! I learned that enthusiam is really a huge spiritual thing! 'En' is translated 'in' and the 'thus' represents Christ, therefore the translation of enthusiasm is 'In Christ' or 'Christ in me!' The people in Brooklyn will teach me so much, and I am excited to work with them and learn from them. Only 140 days.....or about 12096000 seconds. Please pray for me as I am now beginning to find financial support for the coming year. Also, pray that God will continue to show me new things and prepare my heart for what's coming next! God bless!