Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks #189

A well-packed overnight bag, so you're prepared for anything!

Giving Thanks #188

Coconut oil.....because it smells SO good....and much more too.

Giving Thanks #187

Painted toenails.

Giving Thanks #186

Not having to share the bathroom.

Giving Thanks #185

Finding a new musician that just sounds right for the moment you're sitting in.

Giving Thanks #184

Clean that you can dirty them up again.

Giving Thanks #183

Dirty dishes....they tell you that you had food to eat.

Giving Thanks #182

Fresh baked cookies.....enough to share.

Giving Thanks #181

Girls' movie and chat night.

Giving Thanks #180

An unexpected night free.

Giving Thanks #179

The fingered strum of a guitar.

Giving Thanks #178

A family to spend the day with.  No matter how quirky they might be, it's still good to have one.

Giving Thanks #177

Ability to speak thankfulness.

Giving Thanks #176

A surprise visit.

Giving Thanks #175


Giving Thanks #174


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Giving Thanks #173

A laugh out loud moment when it's completely inappropriate. But doing it anyway.

Giving Thanks #172

An open chair next to a fireplace on a chilly day. Perfect.

Giving Thanks #171

When a guy sits down next to you and he smells SO good. Yep. I'm thankful for THAT!

I remember a while ago, I had a guy friend who had the BEST cologne, whenever he'd leave, the girls in my apartment (including me) would quick try and grab the pillow he was holding so we could smell it a bit longer. Oh. My. That was ridiculous. But we did it. :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Giving Thanks #170

A strong cup of coffee that's ready when you wake up.

Giving Thanks #169

The quietness of the outside when the snow is falling softly.

Giving Thanks #168

Singing worship on a Sunday morning with the guy who wrote the music. Blessed. "Amen" by Chris August

Giving Thanks #167

Watching someone soar in what you've trained them in.

Giving Thanks #166

Bottled water. And plenty of it. I take this for granted way too often.

Giving Thanks #165

When a famous person introduces himself/herself to you because they want to know you. Humbling. :) Thanks to Sarah Groves and Jason Castro in particular.

Giving Thanks #164

Sharing funny stories after midnight....when things are just funny simply because its late.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Giving Thanks #163

Having someone who knows what they're doing help you with a sewing project you've gotten too far into to get out.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Giving Thanks #162

Giving Thanks #161

For a few years, the Monarch butterflies would migrate right through our backyard.  They would be so thick that they looked like leaves on the trees. It was only if you went up to them and blew a little air at them that they would open up and a whole tree would turn orange like this. AH-MAZING.

Giving Thanks #160

Giving Thanks #159

This is how you enter a cool coffee shop in Houston.  The whole place is setup like Clue, and they even have a photo booth with tons of costumes!