Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Just a note...

So this is not my thought, but took it off a comment of a friend's post & it really spoke to me....we all have difficult times, times where we think we wont make it through....and if we do we'll be charred or broken. If it speaks to you too, let me know!

"I looked at one of those Hawaiian "Sugar in the Raw" packets the other day at Starbucks... it says, "volcanic soil" on them... somehow through the havoc volcanic ash imposes, the soil nearby in its rarity is rich and in some ways purified (I guess that means the sugar grows sweeter there?). I like to believe that these moments we have that are 'uncomfortable and difficult' in some way make our heart's soil rich like that. No doubt, what God grows in your life will thrive because of times like the ones you mentioned." 

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