Friday, May 03, 2013

Conviction through Prayer

Last night I was convicted of something.

After a full night of prayer, praying about unity, repentance, evangelism and revival, I had someone surprise me with their presence.  I was so joyed to see them, and something too hit me hard.  See, there's been a lot of undercover turbulence amongst us and people we have in common.  Unspoken strife.  Hidden hurts. Painstakingly pent up pain.

When I saw this person, there was joy and sadness, a pressure of unforgiving that swelled in my temple. Not even towards that person, but towards the situation yet somehow, unknowingly I knew then at that moment that I had built up some kind of impenetrable wall in which the pain I feel towards this situation clouded my view of the innocent in sight.

It's unfair to them.
It's unhealthy for me.
It's unpleasing to the Lord.

So my prayer this morning, is Lord, help me to forgive. Help me to let it go. Help me to glorify You by my life. I'm asking You Lord, to please take away the hurt, the anger I hold onto. Show me how to pray.  Lord, teach me Your Word so that I can see revival and unity in my own heart and in my own family.

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