Monday, December 05, 2011


Hey friends, just thought I'd write again....tomorrow I'm leaving for a week, traveling from WI-MN-ND, on a tour to tell about the REASON we celebrate Christmas.  What a great thing to be able to do for work... We'll be touring alongside Sara Groves, Leeland, Dave Lubben & Nick Hall will be sharing the message.  Please join us for a show if we're in your town, or join with us in prayer if you're not able to make it!  I'll try to update things from the road, because I like to have you along.

Please pray that while we're all on the road together, that A: We don't kill each other, B: We get adequate rest, but most importantly C: God's message of hope, redemption & purpose is heard & received by many.  Thanks for joining along!  Please look at the img below for all the dates/locations or visit:  Hope to see some of you along the road!

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