Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Questions to ponder

I just spoke with a pastor, and thought I would pass on the questions the pastor gave me. (I'm rephrasing some of these just a bit)

1. How much does God care about what you do versus who you are while doing it?
2. Could a team of people be more burdensome than a gift of money or background support?
3. While we continually ask God to fulfill OUR list, do we ever ask what is HIS list for us? What does HE desire for me or from me?

.....wonder about these with me.


  1. Question two is interesting... wondering with you on that one...

    and on the others too...

    I really like #1... WHO are you while you are doing what you are doing, whether it's His EXACT will for you at the moment or not...

    looking forward to dinner on thurs. night..

  2. Great questions...it would be a fun conversation to share thoughts, wonder about those questions sometime :)

  3. A friend & I are going to get together sometime in the next week or two & do a Bible study on this...Maybe E & L, you two could join me another afternoon & chat about it, pray about it, etc.?

    I'm excited about these questions, and I'm SO glad they were asked.


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