Friday, September 05, 2008

Vintage Thoughts

So this is really random, but last night I was thinking about all these fun things I used to any of you remember the little jelly packets that used to come with oatmeal? You could make fun designs on them....or just eat it plain. mmm Okay, yep, and how about when we would seriously spray paint our hair a rediculous green color for HS homecoming games? Or LisaFrank notebooks....seriously, how cool were they! Okay, a little bit more recently, I loved random people meeting in college...baking cookies or oreo truffles with Mandy & then bringing them to the "stud" and inviting people over! Fun. And what about seeing dark shadowy people staring into our windows....and then realizing their just cardboard cutouts of Michael W. Smith? Going to Perkins until ungodly hours in the morning to do "homework" when we really knew there would be absolutely NOTHING accomplished, and who cared? ...then coming home to a haunted house...ah! Or taking spur of the moment roadtrips to....IOWA....of all the places we could have gone! ha.

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